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November 2014 

Fragments of Time is an antiquities dealer internationally renowned for its informative catalogues of authentic ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Etruscan, Apulian, Holyland, Early Christian, Byzantine, and Near Eastern ancient art. 

Fragments of Time Antiquities was founded to promote and assist with the responsible stewardship of classical ancient art in private collections.  Clients include collectors, dealers, scholars and more than 30 museums worldwide.  John J. Ambrose, founder and principal of Fragments of Time, has 30 years of experience in the world of classical art and has earned degrees from Drexel University and Columbia University. He is a frequent blogger and expert commentator in the press, including Time Magazine and the The Wall Street Journal.  He provided expert analysis on Egyptian antiquities in an internationally broadcast documentary called Pricing the Priceless on the National Geographic Channel.


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